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About BillsListRentals.com

As landlords, seasoned in the challenges and rewards of the rental property business, we started out trying to fill the need landlords and property managers had. Our goal was to meet the advertising challenges in an ever-changing market to include the newest, most effective way to advertise - without all the freebees and giveaways.

We used Bill Larcheid, owner of WJL Properties, to pilot our project. He had four buildings in the Milwaukee area with more vacancies than ever. We researched market techniques for advertising, creative solutions to cut advertising costs, design, and visibility effectiveness. We succeeded in creating a model for advertising that generates leads for landlords inexpensively and effectively. In two months, we had Bill Larcheid at WJL Properties totally full at all locations!

We continued to acquire new landlords to advertise their Wisconsin housing for rent, and have been extremely successful in filling their vacancies. This has saved them incredible amounts of money and time while generating more quality leads. 

BillsListRentals.com makes renting easy. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we have a solution for you.

As a landlord, your properties will be thoroughly assessed to include location, community assets, appeal, and atmosphere. The units and property will be photographed by our team. You will benefit with high visibility on the web and on the street. We will continuously follow up until you profit from being totally full - no vacancies and no hassle!

As a renter, you will be provided with the listings you are seeking. Our listings are easy to access, search, and navigate. You are able to refine your searches to meet your specific renting requirements. We make it simple to quickly contact the proper agent to show you the vacancy. With how easy we’ve made rental property searching, you will need to look no further to find your perfect rental!

Because our advertising is low cost, creative and result-producing, it was an easy decision for all of the landlords we were working with to list vacancies with BillsListRentals.com.

See our video testimonial  to learn more about what BillsListRentals.com can do for you.

We encourage you to browse through our site. Hear the buzz about what’s new, and help us fill our problem tenant list to help other landlords.
Bill’s List Rentals is constantly striving for ways to improve our site and services. We would love to hear from you.  What makes us successful is your success in filling your vacancies!

Contact Us to see what Bill’s List Rentals can do for you!

We’ll do our best to keep you full!